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Assignment of using treated wastewater

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Project of Assignment of using treated wastewater of Bojnord's wastewater treatment plant using buyback method
Waste Water

Purpose of the project:

  • Promoting public health and protect and preserve water and soil resources and the environment
  • Using of industrial wastewater in agriculture or industry

Scope of the project:

  • Implementation of 284 km of wastewater network
  • Improvement of the first and second modules of Bojnurd wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of 45000 m3  per day
  • Installing 55,000 split points

Duration of the project:

  • Duration of network implementation: 4 years
  • Runtime of wastewater treatment plant: 3 years
  • The duration of the operation period will be determined according to the future

Project's cost estimation:

  • 1680 billion Rials in 2016 (1st year)
  • Volume of produced wastewater: 20.2 million cubic meters per year (Project’s scope)